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Ponga Picture

An individual picture including all of the selections, metadata, apps, and other information associated created by Ponga.

Ponga Albums

Individual Ponga pictures can be collected into albums for convenience. You may notice that the link for an album refers to /sets. It's the same thing. Currently there is no set of albums.


The term used to describe any of a variety of file types that can be uploaded to Ponga in order to create a Ponga picture. May be a photograph, a scan, or an illustration as long as the file type is supported. Currently Ponga supports files of type JPG (sometimes referred to as a jpeg), and PNG. 

Tag or Selection

To add detail to a Ponga picture, you simply click on the tag or selection tool in the tool bar and select the point or area of the picture you’re interested in. This starts to create a rectangular selection area, drag up and to the left or down and to the right to enlarge the selection area. That point or area becomes a tag that you can post comments, add links, attached images, or recordings.


The sidebar is the area that pops out from the right side of a Ponga picture when you click on a selection. In the sidebar you can scroll through all of the contents of all of the included apps. The sidebar the inspector detail of each of the included apps and item detail such as the author of posts and a timestamp for activities on any given selection.


Generally a term used to describe the multiple posts inside a tag or selection area.

Albums or Sets

Multiple Ponga pictures can be grouped into sets for convenience. Use sets to collect multiple pictures that are related to each other.


After entering details to a Ponga picture using the selector, the most recent of those details will appear to pop up when you move your mouse over a selector on the picture. This action is called a mouseover and pop-up details is called a preview.


When you upload an image, Ponga takes the image file title and converts it into the title for a picture making sensible changes. For example, "_" becomes a space, and Title Case is added so that "george_slaying_dragons.jpg" becomes "George Slaying Dragons." 


In most cases this will be a blank field at first. You add to it just by clicking in that area and typing. You can include up to about 1,000 characters in this field so feel free to use it for jotting notes and external links. 


The canvas is the visible area of the Ponga picture in the browser window. A white area may appear on the outside edges of the image. This outer area will not appear in embeds.

All Pictures

This refers to the top level navigation or home view where you can see all of the pictures and sets that you’ve created as well as those that have been shared with you.

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