You’ll get a notification via email that someone has commented along with the comment. You’ll get a link which will take you straight to the picture and comment.

If you know a comment was made but don't see it in your email, try searching email for "from: @ponga." If the email turns up, make sure that messages from Ponga are prioritized into your primary email tab, or similar filtering. 

Ponga sends an email notification within about a minute after a comment is made. Since one comment on a picture is often followed by several more, we batch any subsequent comments so that we don't flood your email box. The next email will come about 30 minutes later including all subsequent comments made on a given picture. Note that you can adjust the notification settings in the Account Settings panel.  

Finally, when you open Ponga to the All Pictures view, you’ll notice the order of pictures change such that those most recently changed will be in the upper left hand side.

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