That preview content might be the best headshot we have for the selected person's face, or it might be web content or comments added by others contributing to the picture. 

When content is added from other websites, Ponga will display whatever content supplied by the website as a “preview” of that content, or when integrations are available, as a full embed of the content. 

When adding content yourself, you may need to wait a moment before content will appear. This is because delays in the network can slow the display of that information, or your request to the website could be lost entirely. The best thing to do is essentially to ask again by copying out your comment and pasting it in again. If you've posted links to Facebook, you may have seen a similar behavior. 

If the remote content still doesn’t appear, test the link by copying and pasting it into a new browser tab. If it displays correctly in the tab, then it should display as a preview in the Ponga comment sidebar.

If you have any questions, let us know. You'll be helping us improve these articles for everyone. Just reach out to or via the chat window. Be sure to include the troublesome link and we’ll see if we can’t debug it for you. 

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