This article will summarize how to delete each of the different elements in Ponga from the smallest to the largest.

Deleting comments

To delete a comment, mouse-over the comment, notice the “delete” button appear, press the button.

Notice that the “delete” button will not appear if you do not have privileges to delete the comment. You can only delete your own comments, unless you own the picture in which case you can delete any comment anyone else makes.

Deleting selections

To delete a selection area in an image, click on the selection, wait for the side bar to open, then press the “x” in the top of that sidebar.

Deleting pictures

To delete a picture, mouse-over the picture in the All Pictures or Set view, and click the red “x” in the corner of the picture.

Deleting sets

To delete a set, go to the set view, then mouse-over the title of the set, and click the “delete” button

To remove a set of pictures shared with you, you will instead see an option to “unshare” the set which removes the pictures from your All Pictures view, but does not actually delete the pictures in the owners set.

Deleting your account or changing your account email

While we would hate to ever see you close your account with Ponga, you have the option to do that at the bottom of the Account Settings page. In the same page, you also have the option to change the email address associated with your account. Note that if you change the address 1) the address you change it to cannot currently be associated with any other Ponga account, 2) be sure to press “save changes” after entering the new address.

You’ll find the delete account option at the bottom of the Account Settings page

One thing you can't delete
Remember how your mom used to remind you that you "can't unsay something." She was right about that. To be quick we send notifications out about comments to all collaborators moments after they're made. So, if you make a comment on a picture shared with the entire extended family, then realize that you shouldn't have said that... well, you CAN delete the comment and pretend it never happened. But, email notifications will include the original comment. 

Don't worry though, no one will notice. 🙄 Probably.

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