When a comment is added to any picture that is shared individually or in a album, then everyone who is a contributor on that picture (individually or in the album) gets a notification of the comment.

The first comment triggers a notification in a few minutes. Follow-on comments are digested so that collaborators don’t get bogged down with a flurry of notifications. The digest will appear about 30-minutes later collecting all comments made during that period.

Notifications can be managed in two ways:

  • Invitations to collaborate or invitations to new pictures can be globally disabled in the Account Settings panel.
  • Collaborators can “unsubscribe” to notifications on a per picture basis in the footer of incoming emails.

It’s important to keep notifications in mind in designing the workflow for projects. Comments can be very effective in getting the right information at the right time. They can also become annoying if they’re not relevant.

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