Ponga uses face detection technology to quickly and easily organize stacks of family photos. We do this by detecting faces and collecting them into albums. We privately present you with the collection to see if you can recognize the person and put a name to the face. The collection and the name you select, are yours. Who (if anyone), you choose to share the pictures with is entirely up to you. We do not use the names you add for people you recognize to facilitate automated recognition.

Face Detection & Privacy

Face detection and recognition have understandably become sensitive areas. At Ponga, we believe strongly in privacy and protecting your data. We don't share your pictures, or the data associated with the collection of faces, with anyone. Further, we do not use of any of your photos, detected faces or other image attributes for the purpose of training or improving the algorithms, nor do we share this data with any of our software partners.  This means that none of your data is stored anywhere but in our application for your use. More about our privacy policy here

Face Detection & Limits

At the risk of getting technical, you may have wondered about how our face detection functions relate to the resolution of images. Faces can be detected at a wide variety of poses, facial expressions, age ranges, rotations, lighting conditions, and sizes. The minimum size and resolution for face detection is 50 by 50 pixels at a HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. For context, 50x50 pixels is about the size of the maid Gwen's face in this HD image of the lineup from Downton Abbey. (Image credit: Downton Abbey Wiki on Fandom) And, in case you wondered, yes, the character of Gwen is played by actress Rose Leslie, who was also in Game of Thrones and in real life married to Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow. Isn't context fun?

Data Security

We get it, privacy isn't just about our use policies. It's also about our approach to protecting your privacy. To make the service practical, it is cloud-based. To make it secure, our cloud storage data centers adhere to the highest standards of security. 

Have further questions? We'd love to hear them. Just reach out using our "Pongabot" at left. If we're busy with the scanner, we'll get back to you just as soon as the white gloves come off. 😉

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