Adding pictures to albums is a feature limited to paid membership accounts. A member may invite others to contribute to a specific picture or to all pictures in an album. Members invited to contribute to the albums of others may also contribute pictures. 

If you find that you'd like to create your own albums or add your own pictures to another member's albums, then join us as a member. With your membership, you can add as many pictures as you like.

To add pictures to another member's albums you'll want to ask that member invites you to contribute to the album. Once you're a member, you'll be able to add pictures to their album. 

If you were already invited to contribute to the pictures in an album before you upgraded, then after your upgrade to membership, you'll be able to add your own pictures to that album as well. 

Currently, if you invite a cousin who is also a member, to add pictures to your album, and they've identified some of the same uncles you've identified, their pictures will not be added to the albums you've created for those uncles. This subtle point will be part of an exciting future feature.

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