Our business is building this software for you. We're not in the business of selling our customers, or their data, to advertisers or brokers. Unlike social networks, this software is our product. Protecting your privacy is key to our business, so this is why we're so careful. A few examples:

  • Your pictures are private unless you choose to share them. 
  • When you share your pictures, you have the choice of whom to share them with, and you'll know every time they contribute to your pictures.
  • The data created when your images are examined to detect faces and the names you associate with those faces also remains private.
  • You own your pictures, we do not.
  • When you share pictures, you don't actually share the image file, you're sharing a link. The people you've shared an image with don't get the actual file. They can make screenshots, but that limits the resolution of the original image. 

If you have any other questions about how your information is protected, or suggestions on ways we might improve, feel free to reach out using the Pongabot at left. Thank you!

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