In building Ponga, we put our focus on functions that weren't currently available in the market. This is why you see our approach to automatically organizing pictures based on the faces in images. We've also created an entirely new way to add content to images using text, recordings and linked documents and media.

Search functions are currently very limited. You can use the search function in your browser to find words that are immediately visible. To search for a picture when you know a word or words included in the title, just navigate to "My Pictures" and select the Find function from the Edit menu in your browser (usually Command-F). Then just type the words you know. 

This will bring the picture with the title you're looking for into the viewport of the browser window. If your window is very large, that may not be helpful, but you can just make your window small (like the size of one picture tile) and search again. Your picture will appear in the window.

We see this as a rich area for future development and would love to hear what capabilities you're looking for. Reach out to us using the chat window at left or email to

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