Those researching family history in old photos commonly ask "is this the same person?" There are dozens of questions like this posed to Facebook groups to get the wisdom of crowds to help. 

When you're pretty sure of the name of a person in one photo, then adding them to Ponga will allow you to apply our face technology to the task. If the software believes they match, it will suggest the two be added to the same (or an existing) album. If not, it will keep them separate.  

You can also select the face of any individual the software has detected and mis-identified and correct the identification. This can be especially useful when similar characteristics stretch across siblings or generations. 

As described in the article, "How does face detection and collection work and is it safe?", there are several variables that will affect how well the technology is able to accurately make a match. The technology requires a minimum resolution to detect faces in images, but has a relatively loose confidence setting so that the same person will be detected in pictures from childhood to adulthood. 

Feel free to reach out using the chat at left if you have questions. This is a new approach for this technology, and we'd love to hear what you think. 

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