In short, no, not directly. In order to retain control over the privacy of your own images, Ponga shares them as links, not as files. This means that you can't take a Ponga picture and add it to your Google Photo archive directly. 

You can, however, add a link to a Ponga picture to the comments or caption of a Google photo. This also means that you can disable access to a Ponga picture from any specific individual. They don't retain the original image, though like Snap or Instagram stories, they can take screenshots.

If you uploaded a picture to Ponga and have lost access to the original file, reach out to us through support, and we can get you the original image file. You can the upload this image directly to your Apple or Google photo albums. The contributors you invite to your photos and albums will have to go through you to get copies of the original files.  

Google Photo, like Apple Photos, and countless photo apps, store images as files, usually JPG or PNG files. When you share an image using text or email, for example, you are usually transferring the file. That m

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