Good question. Before signing up for any service, it's important to understand how accounts work.

At Ponga, we wanted to build a system that's simple and makes sense for you individually and as a family. As a paid Ponga member, you can upload hundreds, or even thousands of pictures and privately share them with anyone — individually or in albums. Anyone you share pictures with can add comments, recordings and generally contribute as much as they like — without paying us separately. 

Delete your account

If you choose to delete your account, we'll delete all of your pictures and the associated content. As our terms of service explain, you own your pictures. We don't.  

You have the option to delete your account at the bottom of the Account Settings page.

If you need to change the email address associated with your account, kindly contact us directly at or in the chat window. We need to that for you in our internal systems.

Become inactive

If, however, you simply stop paying us or discontinue your paid membership for any reason, we'll make several attempts to reach you. If we can't reach you, we'll deactivate your membership and lock your pictures so that they're inaccessible to anyone but you. No one will be able to add content or modify them in any way. 

As an inactive member, you are still welcome to contribute to the pictures of other members and to view your own pictures. To be shared with stories actively contributed to them, pictures need to be owned by paying members. Once you discontinue membership, your account will inactive and your pictures revert to private. You can view them so that the content is not lost but no one else can view or contribute to them. 

Re-activate your account

If your wallet was stolen, or your credit card expires before you update it with us, no problem. It happens. We'll welcome you back, and can re-activate your membership as long as we hear from you within a reasonable period of time. 

Once re-activated, you can continue adding pictures and sharing them. If you'd prefer, you can also log back into your deactivated account and completely delete it. This step will delete all of your pictures and associated content. 

Do you still have questions? Reach out to or just hit us up via the chat window.

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